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8 Ideas for using bookleteer in schools by Kati Rynne
Submitted by on January 24, 2010 – 9:00 amOne Comment

Download A4 | US Letter PDF 240Kb

AboutBookleteer could be used as a basis for group work, as a revision aid, as a record of achievement or as a means of personalising resources for individual students. It could enable children to share their work with parents or with students from other countries. Digital literature specialist Kati Rynne suggests how Bookleteer eBooks could be used across the curriculum.

Published January 2010

Kati Rynne trained as a secondary school English teacher and worked as an A-level examiner before moving into digital media. She has spent four years at award-winning digital education company Teachers TV as project manager of digital content. Kati specialises in digital literature projects, developing websites for writers, co-writing novels using digital technology and participating in reading initiatives based on digitised texts.

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  • PU&P 5 – schools and learning
    [...] Inspiration, download Kati Rynne’s eBook, “8 Ideas for using bookleteer in schools“; see examples of eBooks and StoryCubes made with ...
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