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an ongoing programme enabling residents at Proboscis studio to create eBooks and StoryCubes for their own projects.

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eBooks & StoryCubes created for learning and educational purposes


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Diffusion Schematics

How to Design Your Own eBooks

Proboscis first published the design schematics for creating Diffusion eBooks in 2002. Since then we have developed the Generator web application to enable people without design skills to use the format, but for some authors the DIFFUSION Generator won’t offer the flexibility of design and layouts that they desire. For those with knowledge of graphic design and access to professional DTP software (e.g. InDesign or QuarkXPress) we have provided design schematics. These illustrate how to prepare the page imposition for eBooks using up to 8 sheets of paper (32 pages). The schematics detail both portrait and landscape orientations as well as Diffusion’s Classic (short edge)and Book (long edge) binding methods.

Diffusion Classic (short edge binding) design schematics

Diffusion Book (long edge binding) design schematics

Diffusion Classic adapted schematics for Right-to-Left languages

Diffusion Book adapted schematics for Right-to-Left languages

Creative Commons License

The Diffusion eBook folding and binding methods and designs are offered under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.