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Diffusion printing experiments

Submitted by on March 4, 2008 – 6:29 pm

These are images illustrating some playful printing experiments we have been doing in the Proboscis studio with the diffusion eBooks.

After choosing a few of the published eBooks we have been printing these on a range of different papers such as colour papers, notebook sheets, black card, tracing paper… trying to enjoy the making up of the eBooks as a personal and playful experience.

Some of the outcomes show these transparent effects resulting from using tracing paper combined with colour paper. All papers have been previously printed with a big image on one side and the usual printing process on the other side; this gives the effect of illustration for a full text eBook.

Diffusion Printing Experiments

This is an example of cover and inside page of an eBook printed in a regular black and white process on black card combined with tracing paper already printed with a picture. This is just a way to relate the eBook content with the personal choice of paper and images.

Diffusion Printing ExperimentsDiffusion Printing Experiments

Similar process has been done in this one with blue and tracing paper for a narrative story.

Diffusion Printing Experiments

These experiments demonstrate how easy and fun it can be to personalize and customize the look and feel of diffusion eBooks through the choice of different kinds of papers to print on. It adds a further dimension to the handmade nature of the eBooks by showing how the incorporation of your own choice of images makes your individual copies unique.

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