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Silence Dropped by Lucy Gibson
Submitted by on June 11, 2004 – 11:18 amNo Comment

Silence Dropped

Download A4 only PDF 196Kb

About : We cannot read the traces we leave behind as we walk in the urban sprawl, yet there is a recognition imprinted on the cognitive stratum that associates what we see before us as somewhere we have been before. Unlike the topographical representation of the map, the mind recalls these places within a framework of memory and association. Collating information and throwing back a flicker of a time passed when least expected; the human mind creates an emotive map of the urban centre, fabricated from stories, traces and chance occurrences.

This eBook was produced in repsonse to this site for the ARTitecture 2004 exhibition at the Collins Gallery, curated by Daisy Watson. It takes the site of the Rottenrow Maternity Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland as a starting point for this site-responsive text.

Published June 2004

Lucy Gibson is an artist.

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Past Standing by Lucy Gibson
Submitted by on July 11, 2003 – 11:16 amNo Comment

Past Standing

Download A4 only PDF 364Kb

About : Two figures stand motionless in a courtyard. The City spins its daily routines around them as they stare fixedly at each other. Locked by a shared past but without any present, these two near strangers exist for each other only in memory yet their physical presence in this place is heightened because of their chance meeting.

Taking the hybrid public/private space of an office courtyard, ‘Past Standing’ is a fictional narrative that addresses the conflict between remembered time and real time. Moving between past and present tense, between memory and reality, it creates a space in which we can exist for a short time as we read. We join the other users of this square, spinning around the central characters, observing them from the varying perspectives of him, her and the CCTV camera.

Published July 2003

bio to come

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