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A Little Something About Me by Bev Carter

Submitted by on December 1, 2007 – 1:53 am

A Little Something About Me

Download A4 | US Letter PDF 3.7Mb

Abstract : The first in a series of eBooks created by Bev Carter as part of Proboscis’ Generator Case Study Residencies. This eBook contains paintings, pictures and information by the students of a local school in the village of Umologho, Imo state, Nigeria. The students were asked to write ‘a little something about me’ describing what learning meant to them, their hopes, fears, likes, dislikes etc. This eBook attempts to capture some of the richness of what they had to say and has been designed to open up a conversation with British schoolchildren, who have helped devise the questions in a second eBook to be sent out to Umologho in the new year.

Published November 2007

Bev Carter has been developing an arts and communication project with students in Umologho village, Nigeria since December 2006. “I’m excited that there are many ways that the eBook can be used explore how people feel about and interpret the environment around them, using pictures and words. I like the idea that thoughts, on the run, can be captured.” Bev is finding ways to share this information between young people in Nigeria and England. Contact

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