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Reflections on the city from a post-flaneur by Ruth Maclennan

Submitted by on December 14, 2011 – 10:00 am

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About : This is a polemical and personal exposé of the place of children in the city and in the art world. The artist examines the experiences of being a mother and an artist in the city, and the reactions of others to artists with children. Maclennan calls for new thinking and action, and the confidence to transform society and the street, taking on board the radical potential of children, and inspired by the experiences of being an urban artist-mother.

Published December 2011 in the Material Conditions series

Ruth Maclennan is a visual artist whose work includes video installations, photography, bookworks, drawings, live events, and curatorial projects. Her work often begins with her own encounter with a place â a neighbourhood of London, a futuristic capital city, a derelict building, a ruined railway station in a desert. Her single and multi-channel video installations focus on overlooked moments, material remains and fragments of stories that reveal unresolved conflict and suppressed realities. 

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