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Diffusion Shareable Notebooks

Submitted by on January 21, 2009 – 2:36 pm

Diffusion Notebooks

Portrait Versions
Multipurpose classic A4 | US Letter PDF 800Kb | book A4US Letter PDF 800Kb
Blank classic A4 | US Letter PDF 144Kb | book A4US Letter PDF 144Kb
Graph classic A4 | US Letter PDF 720Kb | book A4US Letter PDF 720Kb
Lined classic A4 | US Letter PDF 650Kb | book A4US Letter PDF 650Kb
Squared classic A4 | US Letter PDF 660Kb | book A4US Letter PDF 660Kb
Music classic A4 | US Letter PDF 650Kb | book A4US Letter PDF 650Kb
Storyboard classic A4 | US Letter PDF 150Kb | book A4US Letter PDF 150Kb

Landscape Versions
Multipurpose classic A4US Letter PDF 560Kb | book A4US Letter PDF 560Kb
Blank classic A4US Letter PDF 144Kb | book A4US Letter PDF 144Kb
Graph classic A4US Letter PDF 220Kb | book A4US Letter PDF 220Kb
Lined classic A4US Letter PDF 650Kb | book A4US Letter PDF 650Kb
Squared classic A4US Letter PDF 660Kb | book A4US Letter PDF 660Kb
Music classic A4US Letter PDF 650Kb | book A4US Letter PDF 650Kb
Storyboard classic A4US Letter PDF 150Kb | book A4US Letter PDF 150Kb

About : Inspired by the enthusiasm for Paper/Digital Hybrids at the recent PaperCamp in London, we have prepared a range of Diffusion Notebooks. Proboscis has designed custom Diffusion eNotebooks for many of our own projects going back five or more years, however we’d not created generic ones that could be used off the cuff. This selection of Notebooks is based on some simple notepaper designs that we like to use: blank and lined pages, graphs and squares. Each Notebook is made up of 4 sheets of paper with 14 pages for you to use. The Multipurpose Notebook combines five types on 7 sheets (26 pages). Print them out using different paper stocks and colours for different effects. Once you’ve filled them up, take them apart, scan the pages and you’ve got an instant digital shareable notebook.

Customisations : We are happy to design customised variations of these Notebooks (with more pages, additional page designs or various combinations of the ones used here). Please add your suggestions to the comments section below and we’ll endeavour to oblige. We are also happy to take on design commissions to create Notebooks for exhibitions, conferences or other activities.

Update : two new variations have been added – music staves and storyboards.

Update (22/5/09): the notebooks have been completely re-created using our new Diffusion Generator and now include landscape as well as portrait options and both Diffusion eBook bindings (book and classic).

Published January 2009

Designed by Giles Lane for Proboscis

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