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Liquid Geography (2002-2006)

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Liquid Geography, a Proboscis research theme exploring contemporary perceptions of geography, territory and landscape, includes two series of eBooks inspired by the way people map and define their environment, share and connect their knowledge and experience.

Series 3 adds to the previous series of Topographies and Tales commissions, adding new voices of partners and collaborators.

Series 2, Topographies and Tales, was commissioned alongside the Topographies & Tales project in March 2005. Topographies & Tales is a project concerned with relationships between people, language, identity and place and includes a short film, set of StoryCubes and a two day Creative Lab with Canada House. The project research took place as part of collaborative ventures in Scotland with Glenmore Outdoor Education Centre; in London in the Proboscis Studio; with the Canadian High Commission in London and in Dawson City, Canada with the Klondike Institute of Arts and Culture.

Series 1, Landscape & Identity; Language & Territory, were part of a collaboration with inIVA (the Institute for International Visual Arts) Proboscis commissioned four new eBooks on the themes of Landscape & Identity; Language & Territory in 2002. The focus of the eBooks is an exploration of how uses of media and new technologies can transform our perception of other societies and cultures, territories and places, and provide enabling tools which are a catalyst for the development of new ideas. They act in tandem with a series of Creative Labs held by Proboscis and INIVA to explore these questions. The Landscape & Identity; Language & Territory eBooks and Creative Labs were a demonstration of the possibilities for collaborations between the arts, academia and civil society organisations using new media and technology. They aimed to extend understandings and establish models of how artists and designers creative use of technologies can link and strengthen cultural and civil society agendas.

Alice Angus 2005

Publishers: Proboscis & inIVA
Publication Date: June 14th 2002, November 2005, November 2006
Series Editors: Alice Angus & Giles Lane
Design: Paul Farrington & Nima Falatoori

Mohini Chandra, Loren Chasse, Gair Dunlop, Jim Harold, Roshini Kempadoo, David Key, Hayden Lorimer & Kate Foster, Joyce Majiski, Andy Pratt, John Schofield, Louise K Wilson and Kathryn Yusoff.

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