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iStreetLab by mongrelStreet

Submitted by on May 20, 2009 – 10:18 am


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About : With the increase in youth crime and violence we need to find new ways of dealing with the issue. ICT has proven to be a good initiative to capture the mind of young people. The real challenge is getting them to participate, this is where the iStreet Lab come in. The iStreet Lab presents an innovative experimental formula to tackle the problem at its roots. Providing expertise and creating a platform for information exchange and collaboration with those directly associated with the issues relating to crime and violence. The iStreet Lab is a revolutionary invention enabling its users to share knowledge using the tools provided.

Published May 2009

Richard Pierre-Davis is one of the co-founders of Mongrel and one of the four core members that made up the media artist collective. Richard has been a media artist and workshop practitioner since 1995, and his emphasis rests strongly on the facilitation of new media events within communities, providing them with the tools to create their own expressions of culture or creating a framework within which this expression can form itself. Richard’s work as a core member of Mongrel has led to an expertise from the shared experiences of working with many special groups from Aboriginal Australians to Navajo Indians, University faculties and students to some of the most deprived innercity communities.

mervin Thomas-Jarman is founder and director of mongrelStreet has been a street activist for more than twenty years. In 1995, he co-founded the avant-garde digital arts group ‘Mongrel Collective’, and in 1999 started the mongrelStreet Initiative to produce projects for street youth around the world. His first production was ‘When The Screen Goes Black’ a workshop produced for youth in the Stone Bridge Park area of Harlesden NW10, working with the Social Inclusion Unit of Brent Council. In 2003, under the mongrelStreet umbrella, he established the Container Project in Palmers Cross Jamaica, working with the community and local youth with challenging behaviour that had earned them the label ‘hard to reach’. In 2008 he created the iStreet Lab a community multimedia-training unit in a 240 litre garbage disposal wheelie bin.

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