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Trail Song by Julie Myers

Submitted by on December 1, 2009 – 4:00 pm


myers_trail_song_cube1_a4 myers_trail_song_cube2_a4

myers_trail_song_cube3_a4 myers_trail_song_cube4_a4

Trail Song eBook A4 | US Letter PDF 2Mb
Trail Song StoryCube  1 A4 only PDF 1.6Mb
Trail Song StoryCube  2 A4 only PDF 700Kb
Trail Song StoryCube  3 A4 only PDF 700Kb
Trail Song StoryCube  4 A4 only PDF 740Kb

About : “A Trail Song uses a well known song or tune but replaces the lyrics with words of its own. These words reference objects, people and places experienced on the journey” (Trail Songs Magazine (1954) – The Whyte Museum Archive, Banff, CAN).
In the tradition of the Trail Songs of North America, we invent lyrics as we travel from place to place. Like modern day Songlines these songs tell about the geography and the people of the landscape, each song refers to a direction or path taken and is matched to the video footage we shoot en route. The original tune is something we might overhear on a street corner, in a café or on the car radio.

From San Francisco, US to Banff, Canada, March 26 – April 8th 2009 – 1,345 miles by car, coach and ferry
StoryCube 1 – From Golden Gate to Fort Bragg
StoryCube 2 – From Fort Bragg to Cresent City
StoryCube 3 – From Astoria to Vancouver Island
StoryCube 4 – From Vancouver to Banff Avenue

Published December 2009 in the Diffusion Transformations series

Julie Myers is an artist and lecturer and lives in London. Using technology as a way of mediating social interactions, her work is concerned with space and place, collective knowledge and shared experience. Previous work has been commissioned by Arts Council England, NESTA, The British Film Institute, The British Council, AHRC, The Institute of Contemporary Art and The National Portrait Gallery, London. Industrial collaborators include, Adobe Systems, USA, British Telecom, UK and Philips Multi Media, FR.

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