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Submitted by on June 26, 2009 – 12:18 pm


Axonometric A4 | US Letter PDF 240Kb
Cornell Lined A4 | US Letter PDF 210Kb
Genkoyoush A4 | US Letter PDF 225Kb
Perspective A4 | US Letter PDF 215Kb
Polar A4 | US Letter PDF 225Kb
Squarecross A4 | US Letter PDF 235Kb
Tumbling Blocks A4 | US Letter PDF 250Kb

A few weeks ago I came across Kevin Macleod‘s website, incompetech, where he has created a series of free graph and notepaper generators for making all sorts of useful and intriguing designs.  We’ve combined a small selection of his page designs into Diffusion eBooks as examples of how we can further extend the Shareable Notebook range, and offer custom and personalised eNotebooks for different purposes.

*** ‘book’ version eBooks made with the new Diffusion Generator ***

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