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Family eBooks by Karine Dorset

Submitted by on May 1, 2010 – 9:51 am

Travel Games A4 | US Letter PDF 850Kb
Colouring Book A4 | US Letter PDF 2.1Mb
Nursery Rhymes A4 | US Letter PDF 900Kb
Invitation Book A4 | US Letter PDF 185Kb

About : This series of eBooks has been created by Karine Dorset as part of her FJF placement at Proboscis. Her brief was to imagine different uses of bookleteer beyond the cultural and education focus that much of what’s been published has followed. These first examples suggest a range of uses for eBooks and bookleteer for families.

The first idea was to come up with different eBook usages. My original idea was to produce a simple template so the public could build on, upload items and produce their own invitations. Now it has been designed for any occasion, all you have to do is print off as many copies that is needed, then fill in all the information you desire. Maybe you can add your own personal pictures, very easy and simple to use. I got the cover image from the internet and just simple border patterns to decorate the invites.

Nursery Rhymes:
This eBook was created with children in mind. The idea was to bring the old traditional Nursery Rhymes back into this generation, remembered the way they were originally. Taking the rhymes and images from, I cut and stuck, moved around and tried many different ways of presenting this eBook before using computer resources. The final copy was made and designed so it can be in travel pocket size for children to read.

Travel Games:
Just like most of the population I like puzzles, numbers or word games like you see in the newspaper or the A4 puzzle books, so my idea was to make a personal eBook out of them, one which you could do traveling anywhere. I made the Word-searches, Cross words and Cryptogram puzzles myself through a puzzle maker on the internet. I used Sudoku and Criss Cross puzzles from copyright free websites. The name ‘Travel Games’ came from brainstorming ideas, then uploaded through bookleteer and made into this eBook.

Colouring Book:
The colouring book was designed and created using Neo Office, Open office and Firefox. The idea was to get all types of images from animals, to places, from food to people etc, for children to get creative and colour. It was also designed for travel fun but can be used where ever, whenever. But it’s not just a colouring book, its good a bit more activity. You can fill in the images by numbers allocated to the right colour, or just write about the image that you did colour.

Published May 2010

Karine Dorset is a Communications Assistant at Proboscis as part of the Future Jobs Fund Placement scheme. Originally trained as a chef, she is broadening her creative horizons and exploring other forms of creativity.

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