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From an outer suburban life by Linda Carroli

Submitted by on November 23, 2009 – 3:49 pm

carroli_outer_suburban_life_cover LindaCarroli_OSL_StoryCube

eBook A4 | US Letter PDF 500Kb
StoryCube A4 only PDF 630Kb

About : Several years ago, Linda Carroli relocated to the outer northern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. During this time, as a result of this experience, she was moved to commence postgraduate studies in urban planning and design. Her local area bears all the hallmarks of outer suburban development and in this spatial complex she is considering how this pattern shapes us as individuals and shapes our communities. With reference to notions of ‘dwelling’ (Heidegger), ‘redirective practice’ (Fry) and ‘synoikismos’ (Ingersoll), the eBook considers local encounters, responding in small ways, in thought and act, that disrupt – and ultimately transform – the pattern of suburban life. If we transform the suburbs and our way of thinking about them, can we transform ourselves and bring new futures into the realm of possibility? Can community and gathering displace consumerism and retreat? These works reflect on such transformative potential through experience and through relationships between self, community and place.

Published November 2009 in the Diffusion Transformations series

Linda Carroli is a writer, researcher and consultant based in Brisbane, Australia. With a focus on urban environments, she works and writes at the intersection of planning, design, art and culture. She is currently working on an Australia Council funded cultural writing project titled Placing, an exploration of place writing and writing place. She also writes a regular
column about urban innovation and creativity for Arts Hub. More information at and

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