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Rijeka Site StoryCubes by Lisa Hirmer

Submitted by on May 12, 2010 – 8:00 am

Hartera Paper Mill 1 A4 only PDF 1.9Mb
Hartera Paper Mill 2 A4 only PDF 1.7Mb
Rijeka Breakwater 1 A4 only PDF 2.3Mb
Rijeka Breakwater 2 A4 only PDF 1.7Mb

AboutRijeka Site Storycubes – Set of 4
This set of four storycubes presents a selection of objects found at the Hartera Paper Mill and the Rijeka Breakwater – the sites selected for the Musagetes Café in Rijeka – during an advanced research visit in January of 2010. A limited edition of these cubes will be printed for DodoLab’s June residency and for participants in the Musagetes Café project in Rijeka.

Published May 2010

Lisa Hirmer has both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Architecture from Waterloo Architecture Cambridge. She joined DodoLab after completing a thesis about the significance of nature and wilderness in contemporary culture, particularly within a Canadian context. She currently splits her time between working with DodoLab and more traditional work as an Intern Architect. As an emerging landscape photographer, she is particularly interested in sites where the relationship between human intervention and natural process is ambiguous and complex. She recently won an Ontario Association of Architects Award of Excellence for her landscape photography.

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