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Something More Than Just Survival by Janet Owen Driggs & Jules Rochielle

Submitted by on December 11, 2011 – 10:25 am

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About : Citizen movements like “Occupy” indicate that the boundaries between government, business and civil society have been blurred to such an extreme extent that the “voice of the people” is no longer a factor in the equation. What makes this movement different from others is that through advocacy, activism and technology we are able to connect with one another quickly to amplify a transnational “people’s voice” generated through social media, citizen journalism and grass root community collaborations.

As long as we stand together we are strong together. Finding ways to stand strong together across our differences is where we need to put our energy. Our “together work”  is to compassionately deconstruct the oppressions that have divided us so we can become reconnected through actually listening to one another. This process of listening and sharing is the bridge that can help us create an new awareness of one another and our shared global society. We need to commit to the belief that standing strong together over the long term is our life work and pathway.

Published December 2011 in the Material Conditions series

Janet Owen Driggs is a writer, artist and curator who, along with Matthew Owen Driggs, frequently participates in the collective identity “Owen Driggs”.

Jules Rochielle is a socially and politically engaged artist interested in innovative public practices and collaborations.

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