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The 2nd Book of Urizen by Tim Wright

Submitted by on February 7, 2011 – 9:45 am

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AboutThe 2nd Book of Urizen is a work in progress by Tim Wright. He prefers to call it a walk in progress. This booklet represents a sketch of a larger, richer work which will take the reader along the south London stretch of a longer L-shaped walk. See

In the final production, it is imagined that a full ‘broadcast quality’ geolocated rendition of the Blake’s Book of Urizen will be available – peppered with the imagined sounds of Lambeth in 1794 with music provided by Haydn, who was composing & performing in London at the time.

The whole project is meant to conjure up the sense of Blake striding around his home patch, composing and declaiming – perhaps even singing – one of his great ‘prophetic’ works. Tim Wright continues:

“I’m hoping to explore what it’s like to walk around London alone with one’s thoughts and ideas; to be considered different or perhaps even mad.

I also want to explore a pet theory of mine that birth, miscarriage, childlessness and the pain of children growing up and apart from their parents were all things on William’s mind at that time – if even he didn’t quite know it.

By focussing on this theme it may also be possible to develop the voice of Blake’s wife, Catherine, who never had children, but instead dedicated herself to Blake, working ceaselessly as his creative partner to help produce great works such as The Book of Urizen. What was life like for her? And what discussions took place between William and Catherine about the prospect of never having a family?”

Published February 2011 in the City As Material series

Tim Wright is a digital writer, a cross platform media producer and a director of XPT Ltd. See or follow @moongolfer on Twitter.

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