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Hard Hearted Hannah by Cartoon de Salvo

Submitted by on March 28, 2011 – 9:30 am

Classics From Nowhere A4 | US Letter PDF 1Mb Read Online
Music A4 | US Letter PDF 1.5Mb Read Online
Mysteries A4 | US Letter PDF 1.7Mb Read Online
Silent Characters A4 | US Letter PDF 1.5Mb Read Online
Tangled Relationships A4 | US Letter PDF 1.2Mb Read Online
The World of the Strange and the Bizarre A4 | US Letter PDF 1Mb Read Online

About : Cartoon de Salvo are now publishing four more books recording some of what is now over 100 improvised stage stories (and two updated books). Hard Hearted Hannah and Other Stories is a brand new, entirely improvised adventure. To begin we elicit a ‘simple title of, for example, a movie that’s never been made’ from an audience member. Then they choose a few songs from a playlist of our band’s repertoire. We think for a few seconds and then we start, working in those songs and the show lasts between 50 mins and up to 2 hours. We never limited ourselves to any place, genre or time. We place implicit trust in each other’s narrative instinct. The idea is, having been exposed to stories all of our lives, we all have a very developed sense of what should happen next.

This series of Diffusion eBooks explores some of the patterns that came randomly out of the air, as told by Brian Logan and illustrated by Alex Murdoch. The first two books were Classics from Nowhere’ – where we tapped into story structures from myths and fairytales and ‘World of the Strange and Bizarre‘ where our unconcious minds led us into some very odd situations indeed. Now we are adding four books looking at how Music we play influenced stories, how Mysteries created more complex storylines. Two more explore how Silent Characters and Tangled Relationships made for surprising turns in our yarns. The idea of course is these stories existed in their moment over the past two years; but when I discovered that Brian was writing them down the following day I thought I’d put them together with my illustrations that I was getting down in the van after each gig.

Hard Hearted Hannah and Other Stories is created by Cartoon de Salvo.
Co-commissioned by Farnham Maltings and the Lyric, Hammersmith

Published March 2011

Cartoon de Salvo are of the few companies in the UK working with whole story, rather than sketch-based, improvisation formats. Hard Hearted Hannah and Other Stories went on to become the Telegraph’s Top Ten Comedy Shows of 2008 and following the British Council Showcase in Edinburgh we were invited to take it to Washington DC’s Kennedy Center. We’re now working on a new long-form impro format called Made Up, in which we collaborate with a band; we’re next performing that at Pulse Festival in June 2011.

Read more about the artistic process on their blogs at and visit

Cartoon de Salvo is Rebecca Hurst, Brian Logan and Alex Murdoch and this show also involves performer Neil Haigh and musical director Paul Kissaun. Ed Collier is the producer and can be contacted on

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