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Professor Starling’s Thetford-London-Oxford Expedition

Submitted by on May 30, 2012 – 6:40 pm

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Book 1 – PerquisitionsA4 | US Letter PDF 4Mb Read Online
Book 2 – CongeriesA4 | US Letter PDF 15Mb Read Online
Book 3 – SpeculationsA4 | US Letter PDF 2.3Mb Read Online

About : In February 2012 England was graced with a visit from the perambulating Canadian scholar, Professor William Starling of DodoLab, who is conducting research into the disappearance of the European Starling specs in contrast to the continued expansion of its North American cousin. An expedition of inquiry was mounted by members of DodoLab and Proboscis, visiting Thetford in Norfolk, central London and Oxford, where great murmurations of starlings were known, until recent years, to gather. These three books comprise their investigations, observations and musings.

Published in the City As Material series, May 2012

Authors : Leila Armstrong, Lisa Hirmer, Andrew Hunter, Giles Lane, Josie Mills & Hazem Tagiuri

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