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Sublimation by Zea Morvitz

Submitted by on May 12, 2008 – 1:26 pm

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AboutSublimation is the result of a collaboration between three artists. Tim Graveson is a photographer, Joyce Majiski is a printmaker and multi-media artist, and I make books and paint onto mass-produced books. Tim Graveson, who is my husband, and I and Joyce Majiski went on a rafting trip down the Alsek River in the Yukon Territory of Canada. Joyce was one of the guides on this trip and she had persuaded us to go because of the sheer beauty of the place. The trip culminates at Lowell Lake at the foot of Lowell Glacier — where we camped for a couple of days. When we got back we stayed with Joyce and came up with some ideas for a collaborative exhibition of work based on this trip. And Joyce and I started to make some books together. I also wanted to make some books that would incorporate all of our work. Sublimation turned out to be one book where I could bring all of the strands together. Using a book found by Joyce, I made some pages based on the subject of Sublimation. Until Joyce explained it to me, I thought sublimation only referred to a psychological state, I did not know it had a chemical and an alchemical meaning. While staying with Joyce, I came across one of her eBooks and immediately wanted to design one of my own. After I’d begun the unique altered book on Sublimation, I decided it would be just right for an eBook. In the course of making it I came up with some ideas about page layout using the standard vertical eBook format.

Published May 2008

Zea Morvitz is an artist living near San Francisco in Northern California. She received an MA in painting from the University of California in Berkeley and has since exhibited work in the U.S. and in Europe. Her current work involves drawing and painting on mass-produced books that were discarded and on their way to landfill. In this work four to sixteen books are arranged on the wall in a grid configuration. She also makes and binds books, working primarily in graphite and mixed media. Trained as a book designer, she continues to be interested in graphic design. She and her husband, photographer Tim Graveson are working on an collaborative project titled “Worked Books” that will be installed at the Market Place Center in Armagh, Northern Ireland in August, 2008. Besides being an artist, Morvitz works as a curator and administrator for Gallery Route One, a small nonprofit, community based art organization in Point Reyes Station. 

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