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DodoLab Wants to Know: About Green Space by Lisa Hirmer

Submitted by on September 8, 2009 – 8:00 pm


Download A4 | US Letter PDF 320Kb

About : DodoLab Wants To Know: About Green Space is a research survey designed to investigate ideas about green space. While many people feel quite strongly about the need for “green space” this term is often quite ambiguous and can refer to a number of very different kinds of space. This survey is meant to collect data but also to initiate discussion about the characteristics of green space. The data will be used to generate “Green Space Scales,” which can be used by communities as a place to start more complex discussions about green space and what it means. To use one of these books is to join the DodoLab research team and we encourage those who use them to share their findings with DodoLab.

Published September 2009

DodoLab is a dynamic and experimental co-creative lab for engaging with communities, organizations and events that is collaborative and fluid. Based at the University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture (Canada) and lead by Andrew Hunter in collaboration with  Musagetes Foundation (Canada), DodoLab brings together creative researchers/practitioners, community leaders, educators and students to challenge accepted ideas, assumptions and methodologies and to develop insights into contexts, processes and situations. DodoLab is not a predetermined package, program or methodology, it is a process-based exploration that emerges out of the needs, challenges, concerns and ideas of the communities, organizations, groups and institutions we collaborate with and draws its strength from the rich combination of skills, knowledge and experience these collaborations contain. The environment, youth, knowledge sharing, leadership, social innovation and community are central concerns of DodoLab and our philosophy of cultivating true collaboration and co-creation reflects the firm belief that we cannot solve the complex problems we face if we don’t work together with openness and respect. DodoLab looks to build relationships with its collaborators that are meaningful and lasting and that emphasize shared responsibilities for action and learning.
DodoLab’s current principal researchers are:  Andrew Hunter, Lisa Hirmer, Laura Knapp, Barbara Hobot and Proboscis.

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