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Graffito Vintage Festival ScrapBook by Jennifer Sheridan

Submitted by on August 28, 2010 – 11:49 am

Graffito Vintage Festival ScrapBook A4 only PDF 875Kb
Graffito ScrapBook (blank) A4 | US Letter PDF  400Kb

About : A scrapbook of screen grabs from the Graffito iPhone/iPad App as used by festival-goers in the Warehouse Tent at Vintage in Goodwood Park. The images were captured live and printed out via Bluetooth on a Polaroid PoGo printer and stuck into an eNotebook during the event by Jennifer Sheridan (project leader of Graffito) – working from the control booth. See more photos of it in action on Flickr. The ScrapBook is a tangible souvenir for any of the people who played with Graffito at the Festival to have as a memento of the experience they took part in. We’ll be exploring other ways to use bookleteer, eBooks and StoryCubes to make more personalised tangible souvenirs for Graffito users in the near future.

Make Your Own Graffito ScrapBook
If you have an iPhone or iPad, download Graffito free from the AppStore, play and draw with it, capture your favourite images as they happen and print out the pictures to stick in your own Graffito ScrapBook.

Published August 2010

Jennifer Sheridan is a researcher, interaction designer, digital artist and founder of Big Dog Interactive. She is leading the Graffito project with partners : Interactional Sound and Music Group at Queen Mary University of London, Mixed Reality Lab at University of Nottingham, Glasgow University and Proboscis. Graffito is supported by Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute.

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