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Author Biogs: Species of Spaces

Submitted by on October 10, 2007 – 2:25 am

Caroline Bassett researches and writes about new technology. She is currently working on the Arc and the Machine, a book about digital media and narrative. She works at Sussex University.

Raoul Bunschoten is an architect, educator and director of Chora Research.

Nina Czegledy, media artist, curator and writer, has collaborated on international projects, produced digital works and has lead and participated in workshops, forums and festivals worldwide. Resonance Electromagenticbodies, Digitized Bodies Virtual Spectacles and the Aurora projects reflect her art and science interest. She exhibited as part of ICOLS  and showed with the Girls and Guns Collective. Czegledy curated and presented internationally numerous media art programs. Points of Entry an Australian/New Zealand digital arts collaboration was initiated by Czegledy. Her academic lectures lead to publications in books and journals in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Czegledy is the president of Critical Media, Senior Fellow of KMDI, University of Toronto, Assooiate Adjunct Professor, Studio Arts, Concordia University, Honorary Fellow of the Moholy Nagy University of Art & Design, co-chair of the Leonardo Education Forum and member of Leonardo SpaceArt Network. She has been appointed by the UNESCO DigiArts Portal as a Key Advisor and is a moderator of Leonardo’s Yasmin group. Nina Czegledy is the outgoing Chair of the Inter Society for Electronic Arts.

Scott deLahunta works from his base in Amsterdam as a researcher, writer, consultant and organiser on a wide range of international projects bringing performing arts into conjunction with other disciplines and practices. He is an Associate Research Fellow at Dartington College of Arts, Research Fellow with the Art Theory and Research and Art Practice and Development Research Group, Amsterdam School for the Arts, and Affiliated Researcher with Crucible (Cambridge University Network for Interdisciplinary Research). He lectures on the Amsterdam Master in Choreography and serves on the editorial boards of Performance Research, Dance Theatre Journal and the International Journal of Performance and Digital Media.

William Firebrace is author of Things Worth Seeing (Black Dog Publications) and of an article on WG Sebald in the Spring 2002 issue of AA Files. He is currently (and eternally) working on two new books, Memo for Nemo, on submarines, and Shady Gardens, very short stories.

John Foot teaches Italian history at University College London. Recent publications include Milan since the Miracle (Berg, 2001) and Modern Italy (Palgrave, 2003).

Melanie Jackson is an artist. Publications include Library Re-locations/ The Brazen Oracle (Bookworks 1997), soil and seawater (Matt’s Gallery/CBAT 1999), Lost Horizons (Camberwell Press 2000) and Some Things You Are Not Allowed To Send Around The World (Matt’s Gallery 2003). Melanie Jackson teaches Time Based Art at the Royal College of Art, London and is represented by Matt’s Gallery.

Patrick Keiller is best known for his films London (1994) and Robinson in Space (1997), the latter extended as a book in 1999. The Dilapidated Dwelling, a documentary for television, was completed in 2000.

Brandon LaBelle is a sound-artist and writer. Through installation and performance his work draws attention to the dynamics of found-sound. He is a writer of essays and creative fiction, addressing issues pertaining to sound-art, architecture, and the poetics of experience. He is also the co-editor of Writing Aloud: the sonics of language and Site of Sound: of architecture and the ear, published by Errant Bodies Press.

Deborah Levy is a novelist and playwright. Her most recent novel Billy and Girl (Bloomsbury/Dalkey Archives) won a Lannan Award for exceptional prose. Her writing has been widely used- and inspired by- the varied work of interdisciplinary artists, including DIARY OF A STEAK (Book Works). Her theatre texts are published in Levy: Plays 1 (Methuen). Deborah wrote The Joseph Beuys Lectures 2001 for the Laboratory at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art.

Simon Pope is an artist who lives and works in Cardiff, Wales. He is a NESTA Fellow, studying ‘ambulant’ research methodologies and will be exhibiting in the Wales Pavilion at the 2003 Venice Biennale.

Anne Sobotta has been involved with several cultural projects and organisations before starting to dedicate more time to her own writing. After a period in the UK from where she undertook three major cultural research projects for Visiting Arts and the British Council she moved to Brazil. She is currently writing a series of Brazilian chronicles while trying to give light to a couple of books projects on Brazil’s culture and society.

Minna Tarkka is a researcher, critic and producer. She is director of m-cult, centre for new media culture in Helsinki. This article is a work-in-progress version of a chapter in her doctoral dissertation Performing new media.

Heath Bunting is an artist and founder of

Anne Galloway is an anthropologist and teaches at Carleton University, Ottowa, Canada.

Lisa LeFeuvre is a writer and curator.

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