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Anarchaeology at Render, University of Waterloo

Submitted by on April 9, 2008 – 12:26 pm

UW Students, Kitchener Anarchaeology Lab

About : These eBooks were produced by students at the University of Waterloo for the Anarchaeology: Collecting Curating and Communicating Culture course, run jointly by Proboscis and Render in Winter/Spring 2008.


  • Diane Braga – Cambridge, The City I Didn’t Know A4 | US Letter PDF 1.2Mb
  • Colin Carney – KW Bug OutA4 | US Letter PDF 1.4Mb
  • Meghan Doherty – My Town, My Community, My Identity A4 | US Letter PDF 2.2Mb
  • Angie Gaal – My UW Campus A4 | US Letter PDF 514Kb
  • Christina Gatchene – Alexandra’s Arrangements A4 | US Letter PDF 1.7Mb
  • Katie Gatenby – Your Guide to the Sculptures of the University of Waterloo A4 | US Letter PDF 700Kb
  • Ruth van Gurp – Guides to Galt: A Brief History of Architectural Spaces A4 | US Letter PDF 1Mb
  • Vicky Huang – Something is Missing! A4 | US Letter PDF 3.8Mb
  • Amy Lyons – Guides to Galt: Downtown Restaurants A4 | US Letter PDF 1.84Mb
  • Rebecca Macdonald & Andrew Guaglio – The Dissatisfied Art Student’s Guide to the Lounges of UW: Volume 1 A4 | US Letter PDF 1.6Mb
  • Rebecca Macdonald & Andrew Guaglio – The Dissatisfied Art Student’s Guide to the Lounges of UW: Volume 2 A4 | US Letter PDF 2.6Mb
  • Adam Meyer – Prolegomena to Mundanity A4 | US Letter PDF 1.4Mb
  • Heidi Overhill – The Wreck of the “Julie Plante” A4 | US Letter PDF 2.8Mb
  • Leslie-Anne Purdy – Activism on the UW Campus A4 | US Letter PDF 1.1Mb
  • Nathalie Quagliotto – Guide to Proper Etiquette… A4 | US Letter PDF 385Kb
  • Kristina Rogers – The Result of a Petition from 1896 A4 | US Letter PDF 4.5Mb
  • Jen Stanfel – Campus Space A4 | US Letter PDF 1.8Mb
  • Catherine Telford_Keogh – Positive Space Information Booklet A4 | US Letter PDF 300Kb
  • Katie Thiel – Katie Thiel: Artist, Waitress, Student, Daughter… A4 | US Letter PDF 835Mb
  • Christina Vannelli – Spaces Defined A4 | US Letter PDF 3.8Mb
  • Heather Voituk – Local Culinary Talent A4 | US Letter PDF 550Kb

Published March-April 2008


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