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Visual Essays by Elena Festa

Submitted by on October 21, 2011 – 11:58 am


Place/Space/City A4 | US Letter PDF 1.8Mb  Read Online
Citizen A4 | US Letter PDF 700Kb  Read Online
Storytelling A4 | US Letter PDF 1Mb  Read Online
Mapping A4 | US Letter PDF 2Mb  Read Online

About : These eBooks are extrapolated from the visual essay I composed at Proboscis during my four months internship, loosely based on their work and projects.

First it developed as a concise mind map which outlined the fundamental design underpinning Proboscis’ long journey. It then evolved and bloomed in different and unexpected directions, drawing on my past knowledge, feeding on fortuitous connections and new sources of inspiration. It was elaborated following different paths even if I found myself juxtaposing pictures or quotations, originally designed for separate ‘themes’, pleasantly coming together. The lines I have drawn are just some of the infinite possible threads I could have kept to.

This is my own series of allusions, suggestions, relations and reflections about citizenship, storytelling, the mapping process and space, place, city.

Published October 2011

Elena Festa completed a PhD in Comparative Literature and Culture in Rome and after that worked as an intern at Proboscis. Her main interests are postcolonialism, literature and issues concerning cultural dynamics and urban imaginary.

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