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Notebook Drawing by Zea Morvitz

Submitted by on May 12, 2008 – 1:16 pm

Download US Letter only PDF 470Kb

About : The first eBook that I made is titled “Notebook Drawing” and I made it just using drawings that I had on hand. I always carry a notebook and pencil with me and afterwards I use the drawings in other art projects and in other books that I make. I didn’t have a subject in mind at that moment, so I used my somewhat obsessive notebook-making as the subject, and created some text for my first Diffusion eBook.  I was not happy with the vertical page flip design of the original ebook and re-thought it in a horizontal format which suited my concept better. When I print this book out for myself, I use an ivory or buff colored paper to simulate the color of the original notebook pages. I felt a little shy about submitting this book because it seems a bit narcisisistic in comparison to the socially engaged work that I see on the Proboscis website.

Published May 2008

Zea Morvitz is an artist living near San Francisco in Northern California. She received an MA in painting from the University of California in Berkeley and has since exhibited work in the U.S. and in Europe. Her current work involves drawing and painting on mass-produced books that were discarded and on their way to landfill. In this work four to sixteen books are arranged on the wall in a grid configuration. She also makes and binds books, working primarily in graphite and mixed media. Trained as a book designer, she continues to be interested in graphic design. She and her husband, photographer Tim Graveson are working on an collaborative project titled “Worked Books” that will be installed at the Market Place Center in Armagh, Northern Ireland in August, 2008. Besides being an artist, Morvitz works as a curator and administrator for Gallery Route One, a small nonprofit, community based art organization in Point Reyes Station.


2 comments - Latest by:
  • Dawn Burnham
    Thank you so much.....the drawings are poignant and comforting like rain on Sundays. Good luck with all endeavours.
    Comment posted on 10-9-2009 at 13:50
  • Ngawi
    I've downloaded the book. Thanks for sharing, nice sketch
    Comment posted on 8-28-2008 at 01:36