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Sutton Grapevine: Youth Group Storyboard by Alice Angus & Orlagh Woods

Submitted by on June 18, 2009 – 12:27 pm


Download A4 | US Letter PDF 500Kb

About : An eBook made for participants in a workshop with the Sutton-in-the-Isle Youth Group, where we are making a short video (part of Proboscis’ Sutton Grapevine project). The group is collaborating to make a video about their recent trip abroad to meet other young people from around the world and exchange stories for their Your Stories project.

The eBook is a record of the first session’s activities, questions and a storyboard sketch. It captures the process of thinking and the questions we asked in the first session, as well providing a notebook for the group to write on, draw over or change as the sessions continue.

Published June 2009

Alice Angus, co-director of Proboscis, is an artist inspired by rethinking concepts and perceptions of landscape and human relationships to the land. Over the last six years she has been creating a body of art work exploring concepts proximity and remoteness, technology and presence, against the lived experience and local knowledge of a place. In 2003, Alice was the only non-Canadian to participate in the first Artist in the Park residency in Ivvavik National Park in the Northern Yukon, organised by Parks Canada.

Orlagh Woods is an artist whose work explores how diverse people and communities engage with each other and their environment – how they connect, communicate and are perceived both through digital and non-digital means. She has been working with Proboscis since 2004 and also curates a professional development programme for British Asian theatre company, Tamasha, in London.

*** a ‘book’ (long edge binding) eBook created using the new Diffusion Generator ***

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