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Landscapes In Dialogue: reflections by Alice Angus
Submitted by on March 18, 2010 – 10:00 amNo Comment

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About : an eBook by Alice Angus to accompany a set of drawings (Ecologies, Time, Landmarks, Traces, Wilderness, Perception, 2010) created for a touring show during the 25 year anniversary of Ivvavik National Park in Canada which was created by a historic Aboriginal land claim settlement. These works are a reflection on the experience of a Parks Canada residency in Ivvavik and the long term issues of ownership, belonging, common space and environment, raised by the trip.

Landscapes in Dialogue is connected to Topographies and Tales a body of work in collaboration with Canadian artist and guide Joyce Majiski exploring the perceptions of landscape and of the North. You can read more at: Topograpies and Tales

Published March 2010

Alice Angus, co-director of Proboscis, is an artist inspired by rethinking concepts and perceptions of landscape and human relationships to the land. Over the last six years she has been creating a body of art work exploring concepts proximity and remoteness, technology and presence, against the lived experience and local knowledge of a place. In 2003, Alice was the only non-Canadian to participate in the first Artist in the Park residency in Ivvavik National Park in the Northern Yukon, organised by Parks Canada.

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Dominion Dundas by Seth
Submitted by on February 3, 2009 – 12:10 amOne Comment


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About : The Dominion Dundas eBook has been produced to accompany the exhibition of Canadian cartoonist Seth’s model city at the Dundas Museum & Archives (Dundas, Ontario, Canada). Organized by RENDER (University of Waterloo), Dominion takes Seth’s distinct vision of urban space off the printed page and into the format of an installation infused with the cartoonist’s characteristic air of melancholy and ambiguous nostalgia. This eBook features images of 10 of Seth’s buildings and has been developed as a story collecting tool to accompany the exhibition, encouraging museum visitors to reflect on their own town’s history and to share stories of buildings, people and sites of the area.

Published February 2009

Seth is the cartoonist behind the painfully infrequent comic book series Palookville. Currently he is serializing the story Clyde Fans between its covers. This is a task that has gone on for a decade now and will likely continue for several more years. His books include It’s A Good Life I You Don’t Weaken, Wimbledon Green, Bannock, Beans and Black Tea, and the above mentioned Clyde Fans Book One. One volume of his sketchbooks has appeared under the title Vernacular Drawings and another will likely appear within the following few seasons. His books have been translated into 5 languages.

As a book designer he has worked on a variety of projects including the recent Penguin reprinting of The Portable Dorothy Parker. He is the designer of the 25 volume series The Complete Peanuts and the upcoming two volume series on Canadian master cartoonist Doug Wright. As an illustrator/hack he has produced commercial works for almost all of the major Canadian and American magazines. His work has appeared inside and on the cover of the New Yorker. Last year he serialized the story George Sprott (1894-1975) in the New York Times for 25 weeks and will appear in an expanded form as a book in the spring of 2009.

Seth lives in Guelph, Ontario with his wife and three cats and appears to rarely leave the basement.

For more information about RENDER and the Dundas Museum visit:

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The Ballad of Louis The Monkey (part 3) by Andrew Hunter
Submitted by on August 1, 2008 – 12:07 pmNo Comment

Download A4 | US Letter PDF 3.1Mb

About : Part of an ongoing series of narrative projects by Canadian artist, writer and curator Andrew Hunter. Inspired by a found stuffed toy, the series features a central character whose history and identity is constantly evolving and shifting based on the context of each presentation. This eBook captures the core elements of the third project in the series which took place in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in the spring of 2008. Previous projects have been presented at Harbourfront Centre (Toronto) and the Anna Leonowens Gallery at NSCAD University (Halifax, Nova Scotia). 

Published August 2008

Andrew Hunter is the Director/Curator of RENDER, an interdisciplinary art based research, teaching, production and presentation centre at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Hunter also works as an independent artist, writer, and curator and has produced exhibitions, writings and publications for art galleries and museums across Canada, in the United States and Europe. He was a contributor to the Proboscis project Navigating History.

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