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Greenhill eBooks by Gillian Cowell

Submitted by on July 14, 2010 – 8:00 am

Greenhill Digital Storytelling Guide A4 | US Letter PDF 300Kb
Summary of Activities 2009 and plans for 2010 A4 | US Letter PDF 530Kb
A March Back in Time with the Pipers of Allandale A4 | US Letter PDF 96oKb

AboutGreenhill Digital Storytelling Guide: This is a short guide to community research and how the digital story is formed. It details some handy hints about how you identify interviewees, writing your interview questions and how you actually build a historical digital “story”. These stories can be really engaging because they mix images with a real experience of life in a particular community. They can also be shared really easily and are very cheap to produce if you don’t have much of a budget. You can record interviews and combine the voice with digital images from archives or images of objects that have meaning, to create something really visual and emotional.

Summary of Activities 2009 and plans for 2010: This booklet details the Greenhill Historical Society’s wandering and exploring. A “village” situated in Bonnybridge, Greenhill has experienced a significant amount of upheaval and change over the last century. Most recently, hundreds of new and expensive houses have been built on vast tracts of greenbelt; mineral industry, predominantly mining, is all but gone. We’re interested in what this means for the area now. If Greenhill will never be as great as it once was, what does that mean for us? We hope that by exploring the derelict, the hidden, the new, the old, the stories of new and old residents we can come up with a new definition for this place.
A March Back in Time with the Pipers of Allandale: This project retraces the story of one remarkable family’s wartime sacrifice and the heroic journey taken by four brothers during the Second World War. Greenhill Historical Society created a weekend programme of events so that others could share their discoveries – a talk, a play, a walk, an exhibition, and a daffodil tea – as well as a chance to engage in debate about the issues it generated. This booklet contains a summary of the project as well as smaller versions of the exhibition and printed materials for you to view.

Published July 2010

Gillian Cowell is a community worker and researcher based in Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire, and a doctoral student at the University of Stirling exploring civic learning and the construction of public space. Her research interests include public sphere and public space theory towards a better understanding of community education as public education. She is involved in exploring derelict and historical spaces of post-industrial communities with residents, and how these spaces transform into public and political sites, revealing and reigniting debate about contemporary challenges.

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