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A New Workers’ SongBook Song Writing Work Book for New Songs by Tiny Bill Cody & DodoLab

Submitted by on December 3, 2010 – 11:31 pm

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About : DodoLab has collaborated with the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) on the creation of A New Workers Songbook. The project is based on WAHC’s collection of books and recordings of songs that reflect Hamilton’s history of industry and organized labour. The goal of this project is to create songs about current realities for working people in Hamilton. Reflecting on the shifts in jobs and work, this participatory and process-based project explores current perceptions from both an individual and collective perspective. Artist/curator Caitlin Sutherland has worked with DodoLab on the design of the installation and the various surveys and has also been the lead on statistical research. Hamilton artist, performer and musician Tor Lukasik-Foss is the lead on the songwriting component of the project he has designed this workbook to help aspiring songwriters to create their own worker’s songs.

Published December 2010

Tiny Bill Cody (Tor Lukasik-Foss) is an artist, performer and musician based in Hamilton, Ontario.

DodoLab is an art and design based program that employs experimental and adaptive processes to spark positive change and resiliency. We work collaboratively with a diversity of emergent thinkers/doers to imaginatively and critically repurpose familiar tools of the social sciences, marketing and activism to engage with the public in public. Our focus is the complex relationships between people and their surroundings and how communities define, and are defined by, their environment. DodoLab puts the creative process at the heart of confronting social and environmental challenges.

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