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Lattice::Sydney Sketchbook by Tak Tran

Submitted by on May 1, 2008 – 12:13 am

Download A4 only PDF 1.2Mb

About : This eBook is by Tak Tran, a member of the Popperbox artist collective, working mainly on the technical side of things. He builds gadgets for art projects, websites and anything else that needs engineering.

As part of the Lattice::Sydney project a simple Sketchbook was produced to explore the projects and ideas being generated in the workshop. It  was created on the Generator and printed out so that it would be filled in by hand  – with space to write, draw, glue and attach. The resulting books are scanned in and remade into eBooks to be shared and distributed.

Lattice::Sydney aims to explore new approaches to creatively transforming our cities and included a workshop with a diverse group of artists and cultural leaders to produce new ideas, perspectives and plans of action. Lattice is part of Proboscis’ larger Lattice East Asia exploring the ways diverse communities engage with their environment and issues of cities and sustainability; viewing the city through the eyes of those who live in it. Lattice is part of the British Council’s “Creative Cities” – a three year cultural and artistic partnership between East Asia and the UK.

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