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Library of Traces by Cambridge Curiosity & Imagination
Submitted by on February 21, 2011 – 2:25 pm2 Comments

Creative Connections, Wisbech Museum for Leverington School Facilitated by Idit Nathan A4 | US Letter PDF  775Kb
What is a reflective practitioner? A CCI workshop for ReFocus Cambridge Early Years Educators led by Sally Brown Pat-a-cake Nursery A4 | US Letter PDF 670Kb
Enabling Creativity, A workshop for educators led by Susanne Jasilek Kettle’s Yard A4 | US Letter PDF 3Mb
Slow Time, A workshop for educators led by Sally Brown Kettle’s Yard A4 | US Letter PDF 670Kb
Imagination and empathy, A workshop for early years educators at Homerton Nursery, Cambridge facilitated by Sally Brown A4 | US Letter PDF 1.3Mb
Out and About, An Ignite workshop for educators at Fields Children’s Centre Cambridge A4 | US Letter PDF 670Kb
Re-Imagine Training, A Day for Members of the Re-Cap Partnership Monday A4 | US Letter PDF 510Kb

About : These booklets offer participants at our professional development workshops a visible trace of their experiences. Bringing together some elements of narrative from the workshop facilitators, images from the session, and personal reflections and observations, these Traces offer us a playful way to continue a dialogue with the groups we work with.

We seek to continue to inspire and challenge the groups by offering back to them evidence of their learning experiences with us. Before discovering bookleteer, we had used an A4 format for our Traces but have been delighted to find this ingenious format as it offers a much more playful response. Like Proboscis, we know from our own work that taking part in the process of making can influence your thinking and attitudes. Inviting workshop participants to make their own Traces which they can keep as a record of their work with us, offers an ideal continuation of many of the ideas we have explored with them in the workshop itself.

Published February 2011

Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination (CCI) is a not for profit organisation working creatively with communities in a whole range of settings – we work in schools, hospitals, museums, galleries, forests, gardens and most recently with a waste treatment centre. We help make ideas grow by looking, making, exploring and discovering together. Our role was recently described by an enthusiastic scientist colleague as a ‘yeast’ enabling new possibilities for creativity to bubble up in a variety of settings.

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