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Topographies and Tales StoryCubes by Alice Angus & Joyce Majiski

Submitted by on September 15, 2010 – 8:00 am

Topographies & Tales StoryCubes

T&T Cube 1 A4 only PDF 3.4Mb
T&T Cube 2 A4 only PDF 3.4Mb
T&T Cube 3 A4 only PDF 3.4Mb
T&T Cube 4 A4 only PDF 3.3Mb
T&T Cube 5 A4 only PDF 3.5Mb
T&T Cube 6 A4 only PDF 3.7Mb
T&T Cube 7 A4 only PDF 3.4Mb
T&T Cube 8 A4 only PDF 3.3Mb

About : Alice Angus and Joyce Majiski created this StoryCube set for Topographies and Tales. They are designed to be played with, used as a thinking tool for ideas about landscape, navigation, myths and  environments, belonging and home.  Pile them up together, throw them like dice, arrange into maps, build into landscapes of stories…

Topographies and Tales is about the relationship between people, identity and place. It unearths local and personal stories and myths exploring how concepts of landscape are shaped by ideas of belonging and home.

It is a personal exploration of the intimate way people form relationships with their environments, it takes a journey through the tall tales and perceptions the artists encountered on their travels in the west of Scotland and the Yukon.

Topographies and Tales was a long term collaboration between Alice Angus and Canadian artist Joyce Majiski, that included a film, creative lab and publications. The collaboration began in 2003 in Ivvavik National Park in the Canadian Arctic then in Glenmore Lodge in the Cairngorm Mountains, Scotland, the Klondike Institute for Art and Culture in Dawson City, Canada, Joyce’s Tuktu Studio in Whitehorse and the Proboscis Studio in London.

For further information on Topographies and Tales see:

View the animated film: Topographies and Tales, 12 min

Published September 2010

Alice Angus, co-director of Proboscis, is an artist inspired by rethinking concepts and perceptions of landscape and human relationships to the land. Over the last six years she has been creating a body of art work exploring concepts proximity and remoteness, technology and presence, against the lived experience and local knowledge of a place. In 2003, Alice was the only non-Canadian to participate in the first Artist in the Park residency in Ivvavik National Park in the Northern Yukon, organised by Parks Canada.

Joyce Majiski is an artist, biologist, naturalist and guide whose work with printmaking, installations, artists books and video focuses on the natural world and relationships between nature and humans. Her recent projects include the groundbreaking Three Rivers project where the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Service invited prominent artists, writers and journalists to join native people on three simultaneous journeys along the Snake, the Wind, and the Bonnet Plume rivers.

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