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River Gap by Ben Eastop

Submitted by on January 19, 2011 – 2:40 pm

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About : I live and work on a barge at Bow Creek. This ebook tries to sum up my fascination with the partial disjuncture between the land and a floating vessel – both connected and disconnected at the same time, creating a one-step removed relationship with the city. You can see this ‘gap’ expressed all along the river – interrupted glimpses between buildings and riverside structures that both obscure the river and provide moments of promise.

Published January 2011 in the City As Material series

Ben Eastop is an independent art consultant and curator working predominantly in the public realm. He has worked collaboratively with a range of institutions, local authorities, museums, architects and commissioning agencies, with both emerging and well established artists and arts practitioners.

His work has ranged from permanent and temporary commissioning, to cross-disciplinary research projects and site-specific events, often in challenging and unconventional locations. He is co-founder of a new London based agency, Difference Exchange which seeks to use the notion of difference as a driver for collaborative, international projects linking contemporary art with academia and industry. River to River is an international, inter-disciplinary research project in partnership with TrAIN research centre examining cultural responses to climate change and the socio-political implications of globalisation as defined by rivers.

Recent projects have involved experiential engagement with specific landscapes, seeking to unfold new understandings of the social and political meaning of landscape resulting from human intervention. In partnership with artists and curators, these projects have evolved a hybrid practice, blurring the boundaries between artistic production, curation and event management in which the audience is seen as an essential element of a new work. Projects include Grain, with Tim Eastop and Andrew Dodds.

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