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As It Comes by Alice Angus
Submitted by on December 4, 2010 – 8:00 am3 Comments
Small A4 | US Letter PDF 12Mb
Full Size A3 | Ledger PDF 12Mb

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About : a final eBook about Alice Angus’ new project, As It Comes commissioned by Mid Pennine Arts and Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce for  their Talking Shop series. An exploration of the independent shops and market stall traders of Lancaster, Alice has created a series of drawings that are printed on 2 metre long cotton banners with hand-embroidered details, which are hung in the windows of a shop at 18 New Street on from the 10th November to 16th December 2010.
Also available as a PPOD printed book.

Published December 2010

Alice Angus, co-director of Proboscis, is an artist inspired by rethinking concepts and perceptions of landscape and human relationships to the land. Over the last six years she has been creating a body of art work exploring concepts proximity and remoteness, technology and presence, against the lived experience and local knowledge of a place. In 2003, Alice was the only non-Canadian to participate in the first Artist in the Park residency in Ivvavik National Park in the Northern Yukon, organised by Parks Canada.

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A Sketchbook of Lancaster by Caroline Maclennan
Submitted by on December 1, 2010 – 7:12 pm4 Comments

Small A4 | US Letter PDF 4.6Mb
Full Size A3 | Ledger PDF 20Mb

About : This book documents some of the research and traders involved in Alice Angus’ As It Comes project exploring independent shops and traders in Lancaster, England. It was made by Caroline Maclennan, a local student at Lancaster University who worked with Alice and also includes work with local historian Michael Winstanley who collaborated with Alice. As It Comes was commissioned by Mid Pennine Arts for their Talking Shop regeneration programme, and was supported by the Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce.

Published December 2010

Caroline Maclennan is a History of Art and Fine Art student at the University of Lancaster specialising in installation and digital art. Caroline undertook a creative placement on Alice Angus’ As It Comes project in Summer / Autumn 2010.

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