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Anarchaeology at Render, University of Waterloo
Submitted by on April 9, 2008 – 12:26 pmNo Comment

UW Students, Kitchener Anarchaeology Lab

About : These eBooks were produced by students at the University of Waterloo for the Anarchaeology: Collecting Curating and Communicating Culture course, run jointly by Proboscis and Render in Winter/Spring 2008.


  • Diane Braga – Cambridge, The City I Didn’t Know A4 | US Letter PDF 1.2Mb
  • Colin Carney – KW Bug OutA4 | US Letter PDF 1.4Mb
  • Meghan Doherty – My Town, My Community, My Identity A4 | US Letter PDF 2.2Mb
  • Angie Gaal – My UW Campus A4 | US Letter PDF 514Kb
  • Christina Gatchene – Alexandra’s Arrangements A4 | US Letter PDF 1.7Mb
  • Katie Gatenby – Your Guide to the Sculptures of the University of Waterloo A4 | US Letter PDF 700Kb
  • Ruth van Gurp – Guides to Galt: A Brief History of Architectural Spaces A4 | US Letter PDF 1Mb
  • Vicky Huang – Something is Missing! A4 | US Letter PDF 3.8Mb
  • Amy Lyons – Guides to Galt: Downtown Restaurants A4 | US Letter PDF 1.84Mb
  • Rebecca Macdonald & Andrew Guaglio – The Dissatisfied Art Student’s Guide to the Lounges of UW: Volume 1 A4 | US Letter PDF 1.6Mb
  • Rebecca Macdonald & Andrew Guaglio – The Dissatisfied Art Student’s Guide to the Lounges of UW: Volume 2 A4 | US Letter PDF 2.6Mb
  • Adam Meyer – Prolegomena to Mundanity A4 | US Letter PDF 1.4Mb
  • Heidi Overhill – The Wreck of the “Julie Plante” A4 | US Letter PDF 2.8Mb
  • Leslie-Anne Purdy – Activism on the UW Campus A4 | US Letter PDF 1.1Mb
  • Nathalie Quagliotto – Guide to Proper Etiquette… A4 | US Letter PDF 385Kb
  • Kristina Rogers – The Result of a Petition from 1896 A4 | US Letter PDF 4.5Mb
  • Jen Stanfel – Campus Space A4 | US Letter PDF 1.8Mb
  • Catherine Telford_Keogh – Positive Space Information Booklet A4 | US Letter PDF 300Kb
  • Katie Thiel – Katie Thiel: Artist, Waitress, Student, Daughter… A4 | US Letter PDF 835Mb
  • Christina Vannelli – Spaces Defined A4 | US Letter PDF 3.8Mb
  • Heather Voituk – Local Culinary Talent A4 | US Letter PDF 550Kb

Published March-April 2008


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On Spatial Perception by Nina Czegledy
Submitted by on June 10, 2005 – 9:26 pmNo Comment

On Spatial Perception

Download A4 | US Letter PDF 148Kb

About to come

Published June 2005

Nina Czegledy, media artist, curator and writer, has collaborated on international projects, produced digital works and has lead and participated in workshops, forums and festivals worldwide. Resonance Electromagenticbodies, Digitized Bodies Virtual Spectacles and the Aurora projects reflect her art and science interest. She exhibited as part of ICOLS and showed with the Girls and Guns Collective. Czegledy curated and presented internationally numerous media art programs. Points of Entry an Australian/New Zealand digital arts collaboration was initiated by Czegledy. Her academic lectures lead to publications in books and journals in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Czegledy is the president of Critical Media, Senior Fellow of KMDI, University of Toronto, Assooiate Adjunct Professor, Studio Arts, Concordia University, Honorary Fellow of the Moholy Nagy University of Art & Design, co-chair of the Leonardo Education Forum and member of Leonardo SpaceArt Network. She has been appointed by the UNESCO DigiArts Portal as a Key Advisor and is a moderator of Leonardo’s Yasmin group. Nina Czegledy is the outgoing Chair of the Inter Society for Electronic Arts.

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Resnullius by Anne Sobotta
Submitted by on May 11, 2003 – 10:41 amNo Comment


Download A4 | US Letter PDF 448Kb

About to come

Published May 2003

Anne Sobotta has been involved with several cultural projects and organisations before starting to dedicate more time to her own writing. After a period in the UK from where she undertook three major cultural research projects for Visiting Arts and the British Council she moved to Brazil. She is currently writing a series of Brazilian chronicles while trying to give light to a couple of books projects on Brazil’s culture and society.

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How Many Movements? by Caroline Bassett
Submitted by on May 10, 2003 – 7:34 pmOne Comment

How Many Movements?

Download A4 | US Letter PDF 96Kb

About to come

Published May 2003

Caroline Bassett researches and writes about new technology. She is currently working on the Arc and the Machine, a book about digital media and narrative. She works at Sussex University.

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It’s space Jim, but not as we know by Andy Pratt
Submitted by on June 11, 2002 – 10:33 amNo Comment

It’s space Jim, but not as we know

Download A4 | US Letter PDF 44Kb

About : commissioned by Proboscis as part of our Landscape and Identity, Language and Territory project in partnership with inIVA in 2002. This essay explores some of the prevailing myths about cyber-places and cyberspace, technology, communities and everyday life.

Published June 2002

Andy C Pratt is a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at the LSE. He is Director of the MSc Cities, Space and Society. His current research is into the development of the cultural industries, new media and the role of local interaction, knowledge and innovation in this process. He is author of The Secret Life of Cities: the social reproduction of everyday life, Pearson.

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Out Of It, Into It by Deborah Levy
Submitted by on March 10, 2002 – 11:48 pmNo Comment

Out Of It, Into It

Download A4 | US Letter PDF 96Kb

About to come

Published March 2002

Deborah Levy is a novelist and playwright. Her most recent novel Billy and Girl (Bloomsbury/Dalkey Archives) won a Lannan Award for exceptional prose. Her writing has been widely used- and inspired by- the varied work of interdisciplinary artists, including DIARY OF A STEAK (Book Works). Her theatre texts are published in Levy: Plays 1 (Methuen). Deborah wrote The Joseph Beuys Lectures 2001 for the Laboratory at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art.

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Figuring Space…1…2…3…4 by Brandon LaBelle
Submitted by on March 10, 2002 – 11:27 pmNo Comment

Figuring Space…1…2…3…4

Download A4 | US Letter PDF 96Kb

About to come

Published March 2002

Brandon LaBelle is a sound-artist and writer. Through installation and performance his work draws attention to the dynamics of found-sound. He is a writer of essays and creative fiction, addressing issues pertaining to sound-art, architecture, and the poetics of experience. He is also the co-editor of Writing Aloud: the sonics of language and Site of Sound: of architecture and the ear, published by Errant Bodies Press.

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specious spacious by William Firebrace
Submitted by on March 10, 2002 – 9:47 pmNo Comment

specious spacious

Download A4 | US Letter PDF 660Kb

About : Specious Spacious is based on the work of Geoeges Perec, particularly his book Species of Spaces. What interests me in Perec is how he effortlessly combines analysis, autobiography, observation, narrative, humour, tragedy, and other techniques into one text. My piece of writing goes a little way down the same path, but with its own pace.

Published March 2002

William Firebrace is author of Things Worth Seeing (Black Dog Publications) and is currently working on a book about the city of Marseille. After some years wandering in the German academic system, he currenty teaches at Universty College London and the Architectural Association.

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Hybrid Spaces & Forms in Contemporary Art by Marina Grzinic
Submitted by on September 10, 2000 – 10:17 pmOne Comment

Hybrid Spaces & Forms in Contemporary Art

Download A4 | US Letter PDF 908Kb

About to come

Published September 2000

Marina Grzinic received her Ph.D. at the Faculty of Philosophy, Ljubljana; she is a researcher at the Institute of Philosophy at the ZRC SAZU (Scientific and Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Art) Ljubljana and a freelance critic and curator. Her specialty is research of the new post socialist condition in art, culture and new media technology in the area once known as Eastern Europe. She is also involved in publishing and teaching about philosophical aspects of new technology and media (virtual reality, electronic media, time and space features).

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